Zylkène contains a natural product,

derived from casein, a protein in milk.


Zylkène is a product that can help support dogs and cats in situations where they find they need to adapt their behaviour to cope. These include kennel and cattery stays, house moves, arrival of a new pet or baby, sudden noises e.g. fireworks, travel, vet or groomer visits and Christmas festivities. Many cats do not cope well in a multi-cat household. There are many ways our pets can respond to new and unpredictable situations and not all animals respond in the same way. Zylkène is palatable and easy to give; simply mix with food or give as a treat. Give just once a day. Zylkène is preservative and lactose free.


Spotting the signs

in your pet


Just a trip to the kennels or cattery can manifest signs that they're not coping; sometimes this may be the same as a trip to the vets if these are the only times the pet travels in the car.


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Common causes

of adaptive behaviour


With 73% of owners saying they have a pet
who is scared of fireworks, help and support of vets and behaviourists can play a key role in helping you cope with your pet's unusual behaviour.


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Common causes of pets not adapting to their environment


Even the most seemingly innocuous situations and experiences can trigger your pet's uneasiness when they are in unusual or unpredictable situations. Different animals are not all susceptible to the same things, for example some dogs enjoy parties and the attention of many people all at once and some react very differently, hiding away. Some cats love being picked up and others definitely don't.



A survey by a leading veterinary charity, where owners answered several questions, has revealed that 73% have a pet who is scared of fireworks. A quarter of these giving multiple answers described how their pet responded, with 77% cowering and hiding, 75% trembling and shaking, 28% disinterested in food and 22% with excessive barking. (Online PDSA survey of over 200 pet owners)


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