New Baby / Person

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time, but the change can cause your cat or dog to be uneasy. Unfamiliar noises and smells plus a change in routine can all cause upset for your cat or dog.

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Before the Baby Arrives Home
Give them Zylkene

Give your cat or dog Zylkene calming supplement in advance of the change to help them cope. This may be necessary further in advance than you might think. If you start to make changes in preparation for bringing the baby home, this change in routine could start causing your cat or dog to be uneasy before the baby arrives. Sooner rather than later is best. 

When the Baby Arrives Home
Baby routines

Try and involve your cat or dog with all the new baby routines. For example when feeding the baby or changing their nappy, ensure that it is impossible for the cat or dog to reach the baby; then offer the cat or dog a treat before feeding or changing the baby. This associates the baby with a positive experience. 


Ensure your cat or dog has plenty of toys as a distraction so they’re not tempted to chew on your baby’s toys instead. Keep the baby toys out of sight and reach of your cat or dog. 

If the techniques don’t seem to be working or you’re worried the problem is serious, you don’t have to solve the problem alone. Do seek professional advice from your vet or qualified behaviourist.