The Doggie Den


It’s important for dogs to have a ‘den’ or safe place they associate as positive. This gives them somewhere to hide when changes are making them uneasy. A calming supplement such as Zylkene can be given alongside to help them cope and stay calm.


Below is our checklist to create the pawfect doggy den:


Size -

ensure the den is large enough for your dog to comfortably stand up, lie down, stretch out and turn around. A dog crate is ideal for this purpose.


Location -

provide the den in a room your dog usually likes to hide and where they feel comfortable.


Smells -

line the crate with used blankets, towels or old clothes to make it smell familiar.


Treats and Toys -

provide treats and toys in the den to ensure your dog associates it as a positive place. A hollow chew toy stuffed with kibbles will keep them busy for hours.


Free Access -

allow your dog to access the den freely at all times. This way they have chosen to go there and are not forced.


Sound -

cover the den with a blanket where appropriate to muffle the sounds further.


This can be great for cats too, if you’re designing a hiding den for your cat then think 3D - cats feel more comfortable up high; think about where you put their hiding place. Like all resources make sure you have a litter tray for each cat, plus one extra. Even a single cat needs two dedicated litter trays – refer to our cat resources for more details.