Cat Resources


Ensure cats have adequate resources.  The rule with cats is N+1 where N is the number of cats in the house. If you have 2 cats, you need 3 sets of resources, if you have 3 cats you need 4 sets, etc.


Checklist for Happy Cats


Litter Trays

Ensure these are somewhere quiet, private and preferably not right next to a glass door where others can see in.



Cats prefer not to eat together, ensure food bowls are in different places around the house.



Cats prefer their water bowls to be away from their food, don’t place them next to each other.


Sleeping Areas

Cats prefer to be up high therefore provide each cat with a separate sleeping place where they can survey their territory and watch the world go by.


Scratching Posts

Scratching is important to help cats stretch, condition claws and communicate territory boundaries. Scratching posts should therefore always be by entry or exit points. Each post should be taller than the cat stretched out and have vertical patterns like the bark on a tree. Cats prefer these to posts with spiral patterns.



It’s important all the cats have plenty of toys to mimic their natural hunting behaviours. Cats like their prey to move, join in with your cat to encourage them to play. This helps to keep your cat active and promotes appropriate hunting behaviour.


Give them Zylkene.

The main ingredient in Zylkene can help your cat cope with the coming changes in their life and keep them calm.